1. LaMarcus Tinker
    LaMarcus Tinker is an American, LA actor, producer and director. He is best known for his roles as teenage football star Dallas Tinker on the NBC and Direct TV television drama Friday Night Lights, and as Kevin on the ABC comedy Cougar Town.
  2. Sean Johnson Jr.
    Mr. Johnson, is a graduate of New York Film Academy. He is a Chief Content Officer, an American actor, and creator of Down by the River known Producer of Pastor Daughters, Bronx SIU, A House Divided, and several television-scripted series on the Urban Movie Channel.
  3. Erin L. Brunett
    Erin is the CEO & Founder of Erin B. Productions. She write, direct and produce stage and filmed productions. Her time in the entertainment industry as a playwright, screenwriter, director, actress and singer has afforded her the opportunity to work with many acclaimed artists.
  4. Ali Abdin
    Ali Abdin earned a Bachelor's degree from Southern Universit and A&M College. He has produced several feature films, short films, theatrical and commercials. He is a writer and actor, known for Forgive and Forget, My Brothers Keeper and The Answer.
  5. Tiffany Joseph
    Ms. Joseph writes directs and produces stage performances. Tiffany is the owner of Trusted Black Box School & Talent where she train actors how to switch roles from the stage to the screen.
  6. Knycole Amerson
    Ms. Amerson is the owner of Merkabah Scriptwriting Services. This talented Scriptwriter has devoted her time in the film industry for over sixteen years and is still going strong! She has written and produced several screenplays for several clients.
  7. Joan Montreuil
    Joan Montreuil is an Author, Award-winning Filmmaker and the C.E.O & Founder the award-winning Wisdom Productions, LLC and BWIF. She writes, direct, edits, creates programs and manages film productions. Joan has her own proclamation day on March 22.
  8. Nikol J
    She is Chief Executive of Real Talk Chronicles (RTC) TV show written and hosted by Nikol J and broadcasted on five different PBS channels. Nikol is known as a ghostwriter on the Jamie Foxx Show and creator of "Exposed".

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